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"CCAN is the best regional climate organization
I've ever seen, anywhere in the world."
- Bill McKibben, author and climate activist

CCAN is a leader in the climate fight in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Rooted in community organizing, we work with and empower everyday people, leverage strategic organizational relationships, and use a diverse toolbox of tactics to fight climate change in affected communities, especially the most vulnerable. We educate, inspire, and mobilize to develop local climate leaders and advocate for cutting-edge policies that build a more sustainable and just future. Our campaigns go on to serve as models across the region and country for effective and ambitious climate action.

With your help, we’re taking back the power from polluters and putting it into the hands of the people. From banning fracking in Maryland, to promoting offshore wind in Virginia, to putting a price on carbon in our nation’s capital, you are a critical part of our impact.

Revolutionary change is underway all across our region on clean energy. We have to push ahead consistently and persistently to fulfill our responsibilities to our neighbors, our region, and our world. It is up to us to provide the climate leadership that our country needs. 

In 2018, we need to DOUBLE the mandate for wind and solar power in Maryland. We need to block Gov. McAuliffe’s massive fracked-gas pipelines in Virginia. And right now, we need to show the world that America’s capital city can tax carbon pollution. What better act of resistance than to force Trump to pay a carbon tax on the electricity he uses in the White House?


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